Zwane ‘interferes’ again

Johannesburg – Mineral Resources Minister Mosebenzi Zwane has been accused of interfering in a mine sale by giving instructions that his preferred BEE partner be chosen over other prospective partners. Zwane is said to have told a Chinese-led consortium to overlook one of the prospective BEE partners in favour of another. The identity of that partner is not known. One of the directors of Shaft 9, Lebogang Marumole, said he and his co-director Stephen Manyathela were told by Owen O’Brien, CEO of Tau Lekoa Mine in Klerksdorp, a subsidiary of Heaven-Sent SA Sunshine Investment Company Limited (HSICL) that Zwane preferred … Read more

Govt, mining industry must together resolve charter impasse – Oliphant

Cape Town – Government and the mining industry can work together to reach a solution over the reviewed Mining Charter, said Deputy Minister of Mineral Resources Godfrey Oliphant. Oliphant on Thursday delivered the closing address at the 2018 African Mining Indaba in Cape Town. He said the country’s mining industry remains a cornerstone of the South African economy, and that SA would be mining for the next 100 years. The deputy minister also said it is important to redress the legacies of the past by making it possible for black people to participate meaningfully in the South African economy. Transforming … Read more


Black Economic Empowerment 3.0

The two things that most elicit tension and misunderstanding in South Africa are matters of race and money. The agenda for the implementation of BEE is a race-based strategy which seeks to increase the equitable transfer of economic participation and ownership. Therefore, those who hold the decision-making prerogative whilst having to recognise the power of policymakers may find complying with this piece of legislation more than disconcerting. According to Megan Boler in her book Feeling Power, the pedagogy of discomfort theorises on addressing difficult issues such as social injustice. With BEE being remedial in nature, the discomfort elicited can be rechannelled … Read more