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Business Insurance

Business Insurance that’s always there for you.

Our Business Insurance products are there to give you the advantage and keep you ahead of the game. We offer business insurance policy terms with more flexible options that have been tailored to suit your type of business. This way, your business interests are fully protected when you insure with us.

Our Business Insurance portfolio covers your specific business.

Home Contents Insurance

Our commitment to always being there for you extend beyond your vehicle insurance needs. That's why we have designed our Home Contents Insurance so that it will cover all the items that you have filled your house with, against theft, loss and accidental damage.

If you're taking out this type of policy, we strongly suggest that you compile a list of all your home contents so that you can make sure you are covered for the correct replacement value. We don’t want you to be in a position where you are underinsured and can’t repair or replace any of your items in the best possible way.

We’ve even made it possible for you to get additional peace of mind! You now have the option to increase your Household Liability Cover (that includes Public, Tenant, and Domestic Liability) to R5, R10, or R20 million for a small additional fee.

What we cover

  • food that spoils in your fridge during a power outage
  • washing stolen from the line and garden furniture stolen from your garden
  • your guest's as well as your domestic employee's belongings that were stolen from your home
  • money stolen from your home
  • personal documents, coins and stamps
  • credit or bank cards
  • hole-in-one/bowling
  • full-house rent to live elsewhere
  • veterinary expenses (if pet is injured in road accident)
  • liability cover for householder, tenants and domestic employees
  • locks and keys damaged during a break in
  • medical expenses for an injury caused by your pet or a defect in your building
Comprehensive Car Insurance

Comprehensive car insurance is our option that offers all the bells and whistles. This policy will cover your car for more than just third party claims if you get into an accident with another car. It will also cover you for damages you accidentally cause to your own car. 

Towing & Storage

After an accident you don't want to worry about towing fees and the storage of your vehicle. We will tow away your vehicle and pay for storage at a safe facility. 

Accidental damage

If your vehicle is accidentally damaged our comprehensive cover allows you to claim for the costs of repairing the vehicle or replacement costs.

Theft & Hijacking

If you lose your vehicle due to theft or hijacking you can be able to claim for the cost of replacing your lost set of wheels.

Death or injury of 3rd parties

Our comprehensive cover will ensure that you are covered against claims you cause which may result in death or injury of third parties. 

Damage to 3rd party property

If your vehicle accidently causes damage to other people or their property, you needn’t stress as you comprehensive cover allows you to claim for that too. 


We will pay for accessories fitted to your vehicle, excluding the sound system, to the value you select cover for. 

Increase your 3rd party cover

Not satisfied with the amount that you’re covered for? You can gladly arrange to have your 3rd party cover increased to offer you even more peace of mind.

Motorcycle Insurance

The truth of the matter is that no matter which motorcycle brand you favour, you are unfortunately at more risk on the road than your four-wheel companions. In fact, not only are you more at risk on the road, but motorcycles and their accessories are also much easier to steal!

We only offer comprehensive motorcycle insurance for this very reason.

Our Motorcycle Insurance only covers those that are used for personal or social purposes, and we also cover off-road motorcycles, like your quad bikes.

If you want to take a closer look at exactly what Motorcycle Insurance covers, please refer to our Policy Book.

Damages and theft

All of our motorcycle policies are comprehensive, which means that you will be covered against any accidental damage and if it’s stolen.

Towing & storage

As long as you make use of an approved towline we’ll cover the callout fee and tow your motorcycle to the nearest dealer or panelbeater.

Standard accessories

It can be very expensive to replace your motorcycle’s accessories, which is why we’ll cover the standard accessories and give you the option to specify the non-standard ones. 

Damage to 3rd party property

The damage to your own motorcycle is one thing, but what about the damage you caused another? That is why we include cover for the damage you caused to someone else’s property.

Optional Cover

We also give you the option to increase your cover by adding hail damage and specified accessories insurance to your motorcycle insurance policy. 

Caravan Insurance

We’ve thought about those of you that prefer travelling holidays, caravan in tow, and have developed Caravan Insurance to cover your caravan and what you’ve put inside of it against accidental damage, loss, and theft! The best part is that this policy is comprehensive, which means that it will come with a host of extras! For instance, it also covers certain damages caused to the property of third parties.

We're confident that this will give you the peace of mind that you need to really enjoy your getaway, whether you're winding your way through the Midlands Meander or just getting out of the city for a weekend.

If you want to take a closer look at exactly what Caravan Insurance covers, please refer to the Policy Book.

Towing & storage

Remember you can only use an towline, for us to cover the costs of towing your caravan to the nearest panelbeater or dealer. 

Damage or theft

Rest assured that when you take out an Insurance policy with us you’ll be covered against accidental damage to and the theft of your caravan. 

Cover for standard accessories

When you insure your caravan with us, we’ll automatically include cover for your caravan’s standard fitting (the accessories that came with the caravan).

Cover for 3rd party

As we offer comprehensive caravan insurance, you will also be covered against the damage you and your caravan caused another party and their property. 


Optional cover

You can also, for extra peace of mind, add hail damage cover and caravan contents cover (this includes you’re your guests’ belongings) to your policy. 

Trailer Insurance

One of the reasons why getting Trailer Insurance makes sense is because a trailer extends the length of your car and makes manoeuvring in traffic more complicated. 
This increases your risk on the road. While this policy covers the trailer, it does not cover the loose contents because it is difficult to ensure the security of those items. For those items that are too valuable to not be insured, we suggest that you cover them with a Portable Possessions Policy

If you want to take a closer look at exactly what Trailer Insurance covers, please refer to our Policy Book.

Towing & storage

If your trailer breaks down or is involved in an accident, call us and we’ll send an  approved tow truck out to tow you the nearest panelbeater or dealer. 

Cover for loss, damage or theft

By taking out a Trailer Insurance policy, you’ll enjoy comprehensive cover. This means that you’re covered when your trailer is damaged, stolen or lost. 

3rd party damages

We include third party damage cover up to R1 million. This means that when your trailer accidentally damages another person or their property, you’re covered.

Watercraft Insurance

We're always there for you, on the road, in your home, business - and on the water! Our Watercraft Insurance policy will cover theft, loss or damages so that you are ensured of peace of mind for your choice of craft when the waves get rough.

Remember, because trailers are used to transport your craft, they count as a separate vehicle and therefore needs to be insured separately with a Trailer Insurance policy.

It's important to note that whilst you will only be able to enjoy this cover if the vessel is used solely for social, domestic or pleasure purposes, we will cover your craft if it is being used for accredited regattas.

If you want to take a closer look at exactly what Watercraft Insurance covers, please refer to our Policy Book.

Variety of watercraft

We don’t care if it’s a dingy, a canoe, a jet-ski or a catamaran or anything in between – as long as you use it for recreational purposes on the water, we’ll keep you covered.  

Theft cover

You can rest assured that Our Watercraft Insurance is comprehensive, meaning you’ll be covered for the amount stated on your policy in the event that it’s stolen.

Cover for standard fittings & accessories

Your craft’s machinery, motors, standard fittings, gears, equipment and fitted accessories will also be insured against theft, loss or damage. 

Cover for afloat & ashore

Your craft’s machinery, motors, standard fittings, gears, equipment and fitted accessories will also be insured against theft, loss or damage. 

In the event of an accident

You will be covered for the accidental damage to your craft as well as the damage you cause another person (including their death) and / or their property. 

Cover within SADC borders

You will enjoy full comprehensive watercraft insurance as long as you stay within the SADC borders, the 15 southern African states. 

Optional water-skiers liability cover

If you are a water-ski enthusiast, that you can add water-skier liability insurance to your policy. This will cover you against the liability should the skier get hurt, etc. 

Cost of locating your boat

When your craft goes swimming with the fish, we’ll cover the cost to locate and return it to the nearest dealer. This also applies when your craft is stranded or participated in a collusion. 

Salvage & deliver

We’ll carry the costs, within reason, that you incurred in preventing or minimising further loss of or damage to the craft and deliver it to the nearest border post. 

Buildings Insurance

Our Buildings Insurance policy will cover the actual structure of your home against loss or damage, and not what you have filled it with. The reason why we offer a separate policy for the structure of your home to Home Contents Insurance is because it faces a range of more severe risks that have a much bigger financial impact on you if your buildings are ever impacted by these risks.

Come fire, lightning or burst pipes, we promise to always be there for you and the structure of your buildings! We would also like to make special mention of your geysers. It's important to know that if you want to ensure that your geysers and the damage that happens if something goes wrong with them is covered, you must add geyser cover and specify how many geysers you have.

Building Insurance includes:

  • Fire, lightning, explosion, and/or earthquake
  • Burst water pipes
  • Storms and floods
  • Impact with your home and outbuildings by animals, vehicles and falling trees (but not while they are being felled)
  • Malicious or intentional damage
  • Break-in or theft, where we can see the damage caused by the break-in
  • Subsidence of land and landslips
  • Your garages, outbuildings, swimming pool, walls and gates
  • Liability cover for the owner of the building and domestic employees. (You are able to increase your Homeowners Liability Cover, which included Domestic and Public Liability, to R5 million, R10 million, or R20 million for an additional fee.)
  • Liability cover for the owner of the building and domestic employees
  • Loss of rent
  • Rent to live elsewhere
Portable Possessions Insurance

It can appear as if you're taking a small fortune with you whenever you leave your home, which is why we have developed our portable possessions insurance to specifically cover these items against the risk of being carried around with you on a daily basis.

The great thing about this policy is that some of your portable items are covered under the standard amount immediately upon concluding a home contents policy. You also have the unique opportunity to tell us about your more expensive items and specify for their correct replacement value. We call these Specified and Unspecified items, and the less expensive items are considered Unspecified and your more expensive items are the Specified.

Portable possessions insurance includes cover for?

Specified items

like your prescription glasses, contact lenses, cellphones, valuable jewellery and clothing, cameras, laptops, handbags (and their contents) - in fact anything that's over the standard amount must be specified and covered for their replacement value, so that you are covered against loss, damage, and theft.

Unspecified items

Like your jewellery, clothes and personal items worn or carried with you, will be covered against loss, damage, and theft up to a certain amount on your schedule.


Life insurance or life cover is a means of ensuring that your family or dependants are financially secure in the event of a defined event such as death or disability. Things to consider when investing in life insurance policies:

  • How much life cover do I need?
  • How and when will my policy be paid out?
  • Are there options of having readily available cash while my estate is being wound up?

The right life insurance plans offer good value featuring great benefits. Life insurance quotes are available from your adviser or you could request our product information tables to choose the life cover that suits your needs.



Funeral Cover provides you and your family with protection against high funeral expenses in the case of your own death or that of a family member.

Nothing comes more unexpected and causes greater heartache and pain in our lives than the sudden loss of a loved one. It is therefore not surprising that “death” is such an unpleasant subject which we tend to avoid rather than plan for.

However, we all have to deal with it at some time or another and the trauma when trying to come to terms with the facts of life will be drastically increased if there are insufficient funds available to you or your dependants to cover burial costs and other related expenses.


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