Enterprise and Supplier Development

What is Enterprise Supplier Development?

It is a combination of Preferential Procurement, Supplier Diversity, Enterprise Development and Supplier Development programs to service business needs and is integrated in the B-BBEE policy to advance economic transformation.



On boarding and registration

Ask about our online on-boarding and supplier registration systems. This system offers a stream line process for supplier take on and information management.

Supplier / vendor compliance monitoring

Monitoring suppliers or vendor compliance with B-BBEE, collecting B-BBEE certificates can be time consuming and administrative. Why not tap into a supplier database of 100 000+ B-BBEE certificates, use our Search and Match facility. You can manage this process or you can outsource this function to us.  We have a trained call centre that can assist with collecting those B-BBEE certificates that are not matched on the data base.  The uploaded B-BBEE certificates are validated, either at source of issue and against ruling SANAS requirements. Giving you assurance that your B-BBEE certificates submitted for BEE verification will pass the test.

Monitoring and tracking of supplier or vendor B-BBEE certificates is as crucial part of adherence to the B-BBEE compliance. The ability to have multiple reports at hand can help you manage understand and manage your shortcomings in terms of the Procurement B-BBEE scorecard indicators.

Supplier workshops

We would gladly assist with running education and awareness campaigns on your behalf aimed at your suppliers regarding the importance of B-BBEE compliance, and the impact that their B-BBEE certificate have on your B-BBEE scorecard.


Talk to us about a tailored workshop today. Facts not known cannot be acted upon.



"Yes"... for B-BBEE purposes you need to do Enterprise and Supplier development, but what if you can align this development with what your business needs are. Don’t just develop any supplier; Develop enterprises and suppliers that strategically can put your business on a different growth path.

Find at supplier

Need to find a supplier in a key strategic area, search our supplier database and short list suppliers to kick start your due diligence process.

Development plan, progress monitoring and tracking

Need assistance in doing the due diligence and development plan, or monitor and track progress on the progress in terms of the development objectives, our business support services team are ready to assist.

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