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Skills Audit
Mandatory and Discretionary Grants
Skills Development Initiatives
Learnerships and Tax Rebate (12H)
Candidate sourcing
Skills Development Facilitator (SDF) Function
Skills Audit

Skills Development is a priority element on the BBBEE scorecard. Conducting a skills audit is the first step in our skills development solution to determine the true training needs of your organisation. We ensure that your skills spend adds value to your organisation and employees.

Mandatory and Discretionary Grants

The Workplace Skills Plan is the key to unlocking your Skills Development Potential. The key is to ensure that the WSP is a true reflection of the training interventions of your organisation. If the reporting is not done properly your organisation will forfeit the change of earning money back from the relevant SETA. Our Skills Development Experts offer the following services:

  • WSP submission and mandatory grant management
  • Discretional grants application
  • Establishing and Training the training committee
  • Project management of training interventions
Skills Development Initiatives

Skills Development Initiatives will be decided once the skills needed in an organisation have been determined. Progression follows a beginning-to-end process in project managing the implementation of various skills development initiatives.

These may include both accredited and non-accredited programmes across the various categories of the Learning Programme Matrix (LPM).

  • Learnerships
  • Bursaries
  • Internships
  • Apprenticeships
  • Skills Programmes
  • Short Courses
Learnerships and Tax Rebate (12H)

We ensure maximum points on the skills development section by offering accredited training in the form of learnerships that will add value to your organisation and that is fit-for-purpose. A learner enrolled in a learnership will receive a full qualification upon completion.

Our unique “blended- online” learning approach will allow your employees to comfortably manage their training and working requirements. Our internal SDF will manage the learnership meticulously providing you with peace of mind and a return on your investment.

Our variety of learning programmes address the critical and scare skill of each industry. Click here for our product offering.

Our TAX experts will ensure that you benefit from the SARS Tax Rebate applicable to learnership interventions:

  • R80 000 per learner
  • R120 000 per learner with disabilities
Candidate sourcing

Our recruiting team will take the hassle out of sourcing the correct candidates for your learning interventions. Unemployed candidates are sourced from local communities to ensure that both the employer and the individual gain maximum benefit. Strict screening processes are followed and our aim is to make a difference in the life’s of unemployed individuals so that they can become self-sufficient and contributing to the economy.  

Our recruitment team can you support your organisation with the following:

  • Special attention is given to the recruitment of people with disabilities
Skills Development Facilitator (SDF) Function

Skills Development Facilitation involves analysis of skills requirements within an organisation and coordinating the submission, maintenance and updating of the organisational skills development plans and reports to the relevant SETAs

When you have a SDF, you have peace of mind. The SDF is the cornerstone of the entire Skills Development Element. Our internal SDF will provide the following services to ensure a risk-free approach to Skills Development as a whole:

  • WSP and ATR support/submission
  • Discretionary grant applications
  • Training advice
  • Learnership implementation
  • SETA liaison
  • Training intervention project management
  • Learner tracking