BEE Services

BEE Easy is an end-to-end BEE Service, combining a number of data bureau solutions that allow our clients to plan and prepare effectively for their BEE Verification. Our Data Bureau services include and not limited to, Data Capturing, BEE GAP Analysis, and Scenario Planning, BEE Strategy and Monitoring and tracking.


File Preparation

BEE Easy administrative office call, collect, collaborate and collate all the required BEE Verification information formulating our clients audit file preparation for the BEE Audit formulating a file preparation


BEE Gap Analysis

The data has now been transformed into meaningful information that informs the process.  BEE-Easy scrutinizes the information across each element of the scorecard down to a criteria and question level to see exactly where the gaps are in terms of the scoring against the Amended Codes of Good Practice. A comprehensive gap analysis is conducted highlighting where our client exceeds expectations and where expectations have not been met.

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Scenario Planning

BEE Easy compiles a number of alternative scenarios for our clients, which allows our clients the opportunity to gauge a realistic BEE Level outcome based on budgets, timelines and resources available.


BEE Strategy

Upon completion of the Scenario Planning BEE-Easy is now in a position to work with our clients in formulating a comprehensive strategy. The strategy includes; “quick wins”; short term and long-term goals with a detailed project plan to guide the focus. Furthermore, BEE-Easy will consult with the key role players to understand the expected targets as this will inform how we formulate a strategy to meet these goals and targets.


Monitoring and Tracking

Throughout this entire process it is critical for the progress to be monitored so that sufficient time is given to mitigate any issues that may occur during strategy execution. This will ensure that where possible we are in a position to change tact and mitigate any risks that could impact negatively on the success of the strategic outcomes.